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I started the day in my apartment in Lincoln Square (Chicago, I should mention, as there’s an identically named neighborhood in NYC), and over the course of the day I flew some 800 miles east, checked into my hotel room on Park Avenue and 61st (where I took a shower and then danced around, first naked and then in the world’s comfiest robe, to the in-room iTunes), walked to Lexington and 59th, hopped on the 6 train to Union Square, transferred to the L train to 1st Ave, ate pizza at the corner of 1st Ave and 14th St, and then walked some ten blocks uptown to 23rd and the East River, where I went on a cruise looping around the Statue of Liberty and listening to kick-ass tunes from Apollo Sunshine.

Now I’m in Brooklyn with jj as he packs for Fire Island. We just went grocery shopping at the corner organic market, and soon we’ll be back on Park Avenue for the night. Tomorrow, the real adventure begins. As if I haven’t come far enough for a girl from Texas already. (Speaking of which, my dad called to tell me happy birthday for the first time in at least eight years. More on that tomorrow. Namaste.)