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lolla, day three

So yesterday The Sassy Blonde and I went to The Music Lounge at the Hard Rock Hotel for manicures, tattoos (well, for her; I didn’t get another one), lots o’free stuff, and a yummy lunch on the house (with live entertainment provided by some of the lesser-known Lolla bands). We ran into quite a few of the artists, and I was standing next to Duffy while we were both waiting to get seated in the cafe.

We got to Lolla in time to hang out in the media tent for a while with a stringer for Us Weekly we’d met on Friday night (he got a tattoo immediately before I did), and then headed to see Explosions in the Sky followed by Okkervil River. We left “campus” for a bit to meet up with Pops for dinner at the Artist’s Snack Shop (their veggie burger rivals my favorite one in NYC), where The Sassy Blonde and I asked to use the restroom. We were given a piece of paper to take into the Fine Arts building, where an old-fashioned manned elevator took us to the sixth floor. After passing a guy sitting on a bench wearing three hats — one on top of the other — we found the bathroom. When we walked in there were no toilets to be found, only sinks and a taped-up door, and three overweight women wearing jeans shorts attempting to crawl out the window and onto the fire escape. When we opened the taped door and found miniature toilets, we both collapsed into a fit of laughter and rushed to pee before we wet our pants. It seems as though every time we go out, we have Alice in Wonderland moments, and that was certainly one of them (Friday night, it was going through the McDonald’s drive thru at 2am behind a guy on a bicycle).

Pops wanted to hang out with me after the show, so we made arrangements for that, and he left to go back to the “L” while The Sassy Blonde and I made our way to see Rage Against the Machine. We stayed there until about 9:20, and then heard a few Wilco songs on our way back to the car.

After we got home, I frantically cleaned house and took a shower. Pops came over around 10pm, and it was nice to finally chat with him outside of the context of a meeting. We didn’t get to sleep until past 3am, but it’s been so long since I’ve just talked with someone, it felt good.

Now, we’re camped out on the North Side of Lolla, having listened to Iron & Wine and Flogging Molly. Love & Rockets is on stage now, soon to be followed by The National and then Nine Inch Nails. It’s been a good and relaxing weekend, the painful healing of my tattoo notwithstanding. Tomorrow, a bunch of friends are meeting me at Fernando’s for my birthday dinner, and the next day I’ll be NYC bound. My life is pretty freakin’ awesome, and I don’t want to lose sight of that fact for a single minute. Namaste.