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This year’s Lollapalooza is going to be fabulous. I’ll bring Rebel and Renegade with me Friday during the day, then deposit the latter back home & the former on the train (to his dad’s house), after which I’ll meet up with The Sassy Blonde for the evening’s shows + industry after-parties (which should be fun, even if I do have to be in the same room as Pete Wentz). Saturday and Sunday it will be more of the same — hanging with The Sassy Blonde, looking pretty for all the boys — and just having an excellent time.

The Monday after Lollapalooza is the day before my birthday, and The Sassy Blonde and I are going to have a Family Dinner Night at my house — she and I decided last night that we’re going to host weekly dinner nights for sober folks (since she’s moving into my building on Saturday). This Monday, it’s Mexican (we’ve promised to wear sombreros); the night before my birthday, it’s Italian + a birthday celebration. And then I’m whisked off to New York City, where I’ll be going on a music cruise and spending the night on Park Avenue before heading off to Fire Island for a few days. And then back to the city — maybe Brooklyn, maybe another hotel — where I’ll dig in my heels and fantasize about living there someday. Sigh. It’s the longest time I’ll ever spend in New York City, (13 straight days!) and if I think it’s been hard in the past coming back home, it’s going to be doubly infinitely so this time around.

Despite the heartaches (and -breaks), this summer is the best one yet, and it only gets better every day. Thank God for airplanes, and telecommuting, and freelance work, and music festivals, and beaches, and cute boys who wear pigtails. Namaste.