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pitchfork, intermission (thoughts)

Walking to my car to get a book and a blanket, I saw a kid (as in “9-year-old kid” not as in “punk teenager”) unscrew the gas cap off of a scooter parked along Lake Street and throw it into the bushes. I stopped him, flagged a cop, and stood there with my arms crossed until he found the gas cap and put it back on. Harumph. Damn kids.


You know how when you lose mob protection, you all of a sudden become vulnerable until you find someone else who’s willing to protect you? I kinda feel that way now that everyone knows I gave The Goofball the boot. All of a sudden guys are crawling out of the woodwork, though I’m not interested in any of them a bit. (Two of them are The Goofball’s ROOMMATES, which adds an automatic ickiness differential.) I think it’s funny, actually, these guys thinking they are not just so totally obvious. But they are. Ha!


I think !!! was my favorite of the bands, though I did enjoy Fleet Foxes. I’m not even going tomorrow until 5pm; time to clean house and get some work done and hang with Rebel for a little while. Plus, I need time to recover from the mud.


I ran into The Tobacconist, who told me I looked amazing (I know, dude; your loss) and invited me to hang out drinking with him and his friends. I took this as a good reason to leave and go to a meeting, which is exactly what happened. Namaste.