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so, then

I’m going to NYC for my birthday (and about 12 days total), not only to recharge my spiritual batteries but also to set things straight with jj. I’d been saying for months that I want to turn 35 in Manhattan, and it looks as though I’ll be doing just that — on an indie music cruise, nonetheless, followed up by a fabulous night in the city, and then off to Fire Island.

On the one hand, this feels like a whirlwind. On the other, it feels as though I’m fixing a mess I made three months ago, and perhaps this time with Sweety (new name: The Goofball) was necessary to gain both clarity about mistaken choices and what, exactly, I need and want out of my life (and my loves).

The Sassy Blonde said that maybe my Higher Power had something better planned for me, and what I say: maybe, maybe not. I’m going to be mindful this time around, knowing even more fully what that entails, and *honestly* let God’s will run the show. All I’m doing is booking a plane ticket for 12 days in August and finding a cat sitter for Luau, then stepping back to let life happen all around me. Maybe things will end up messy, maybe they will end up fabulous, but I know they will — from now on — always end up with me doing the next right things and staying sober with the help of my friends. Namaste.