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lost and found

It’s been quite some time since I’ve listened to the mix jj made for me (before I visited him, before we knew the things we’d discovered by the time I left NYC in April), but saying that feels only half-true. I tried to listen to it in a hotel room in Milwaukee a little more than a month ago, but when The Goofball got out of the shower, I quickly turned it off. Not hat he ever would have asked what the music was, where I’d found it, and whether a cute boy had mixed it up just for me one day when I was feeling particularly shaky and blue; it was just one of the few (or many) things I didn’t particularly feel like sharing.

Today, I went looking for the cord that connects my my laptop to my stereo, so I could listen to the mix. I think it’s time, or something like that. I couldn’t find it anywhere. And so I dug around for my Nano, and I looked for my earbuds, which I’d last loaned to Renegade so he could play his Nintendo DS without disturbing Rebel, who was playing PlayStation. I couldn’t find them, either, and The Philosopher isn’t answering the phone, so I can’t even ask where they might be. So I went exploring, diving into the nooks and crannies of my house in which I shove, cram, and hide things when People Come Over, or just when I’m tired of looking at them or they are getting in the way. I never did find the cord or the earbuds, but I did find: a candy stash, my BlackBerry USB cable (presumed lost), the Parker pencil I’ve been frantic without, several novels I’d purchased at Half Price Books for times when I’m feeling less than literary and want to read fluff, a handful of Moleskine notebooks, an entire package of sandalwood incense, a four-pack of Certs, my favorite No Doubt CD, and the summer festivals issue of Time Out Chicago I’ve been missing since I moved in here.

I wonder if this is God reminding me of how frequently we can find things we’ve forgotten we even had while we’re spending time looking for things we think we’ve lost. And I’m still missing the cable and headphones, but for now I’ll make do with trashy novels, candy, and incense.


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