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stress (or: procrastination bites me in the ass)

My comprehensive exams are due at 10am, and I’m only one-third done. I start teaching summer classes at 9:30am, and my syllabus remains unwritten. I am seriously craving chocolate, but there is none left in the house. [I’ve even raided my kids’ leftover Halloween candy.] I just gashed my shin open on a picture frame when I was digging through my closet to find the books for the class that starts tomorrow, and I can’t find any Band-aids. The medication for my back still isn’t helping with the pain, but it is making me dizzy and feeling as though I’m wearing the wrong prescription glasses.

If I didn’t need the money (from teaching) and this weren’t my last chance to pass my exams, I’d have given up hours ago. I suppose it’s a good thing I need the money (from teaching) and am not particularly willing to flunk out of my graduate program after going thousands of dollars into debt and spending three years of my life getting a second master’s degree.