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not-so-manic monday

After The Green-Eyed Boy dropped me off at home, I realized I had to make a bank deposit, so I walked up to the bank. And as long as I’m already in Lincoln Square proper, I thought, I might as well pop into Eclecticity to get some incense. And as long as I’m already shopping, I might as well head into Hanger 18 and Enjoy, An Urban General Store. And since it’s right next door, I should probably stop to eat a late lunch at Cafe Selmarie.

And so this is how I find myself having spent $70 and waiting on a salad and sweet potato fries 90 minutes after leaving the house “for a few minutes” to go to the bank with my comprehensive exams yet to be written and a ton of work to do. Some people might call this procrastination. I prefer to call it “I really do work better under intense pressure.” It remains to be seen whether I’m fooling myself, but even if I am I’ll be doing it with yummy smelling incense, new artwork on my walls, and a fully sated appetite.