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sun shines in

I never noticed before, in my old apartment, how dark it was and how closed-in I felt. When I moved there in December 2007, I thought it was sunny enough and certainly brighter than any of the other spaces I’d lived in for some time. But being in the new apartment, I realize now what I’ve been missing. Rather than overlooking the courtyard with windows on only one side of the apartment, I’m now on the corner of the building — and on the top floor — overlooking E Avenue on one side and L Street on the other (I’m not so dumb that I’m publicizing my address online…), with a wonderful view of the treetops and the roofs of the neighborhood. And the sun just pours in, making me very happy, happier than I thought I could be living somewhere.

I’ve also noticed a real difference in the demeanor of my cat, as well as my relationship with her. She’s become more of a companion and less of a pain in my ass, and I think it’s for a lot of the same reasons I’m feeling so gosh darn comfortable in this space. I look around my apartment, and for the first time in a very long time — perhaps for the first time ever — this isn’t just a place in which I sleep and eat and bathe… this is my home, and more than ever it’s exactly what I want it to be. I guess you could say that my love affair with life grows deeper every day. Namaste.