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last day in texas

I’m finally at the airport, and within an hour I’ll be homeward bound. I’ve never been so happy to be heading back to Chicago.

I did see my brother for about 15 minutes last night, and of course he said all the things he usually says: “next time…” and “if only…” and a thousand other “what if” platitudes and promises. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past year, though, it’s that life isn’t worth living in the hypotheticals — it’s the small moments, here and now, that matter and if you can’t show up in the present, no amount of “next time…” statements will soothe the souls of those who are disappointed.

If the weather holds today, The Green-Eyed Boy and I will be heading to the Chicago Botanic Garden to lounge on a blanket, eat a picnic lunch, and generally catch up after my absence. His birthday is Saturday, but he’ll be out of town, so we’re planning a couple of day trips this week — and possibly an overnight trip next week — to celebrate. Really, though, I’ll be happy to see his face at O’Hare and even just an enthusiastic hug will be just fine. I can’t wait to make it back home. Namaste.