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travels in lincoln square with rebel (or: conversations illustrating the, uh, highlights of parenting a profoundly gifted five-year-old child)

At The Grind, trying to decide what to order
“We should get the zucchini bread instead of the vegan cake because it’s a better source of Vitamin C.”

At the Old Town School of Folk Music, in the Different Strummer store
“Rattles are basically maracas, so why do people think babies are so stupid they can’t just call them what they are?”

At the City Mouse, during storytime
“I hate it when adults skip words in stories because they’re too lazy to read all of them. Why not pick a story with fewer words? At least then you’re not lying to kids.”

At Costello’s, listening to the acoustic guitar singer guy
“I’m tired of hearing the Beatles every time we come here. Can’t the people they pick on the weekends be a little more original?”

At Multiple Choices, encountering a Cubs nutcracker
“Even if they haven’t won the World Series in 100 years, it’s a Chicago thing, ya know?”

At Potbelly’s, to the sixteen-year-old girl face painting
“I’ll take a Superman logo, but this is much less sophisticated than what I’m used to.”

At Eclecticity, encountering the stuffed animals
“Don’t they encourage people to continue to treat animals like objects?”

At Laurie’s Planet of Sound, talking to Adam Fitz about Obama
“Obama is winning. Some people like Hillary, but she’s only won one primary recently, in Pennsylvania. And she’s been making up stories, so I don’t trust her. I heard it on the nightly news last week. And Colbert was talking about it too. If I could vote, I’d pick Obama.”


My life is just one adventure after another, and I feel blessed to have Rebel in my life — every day he amazes me, and then the next minute he’s skipping down the street and asking if I’ll hold his hand and skip along. How wonderful it is to have a constant reminder that despite all the knowledge and intelligence and chaos and uncertainty in the world, we all need to take time to skip along in the sunshine holding hands with the people we love. Namaste.