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fingers crossed

I’m 92% sure I’ll be living in New York City for the entire month of August. I’ve found a chance to swap apartments with a guy there, and, well, why wouldn’t I? I’ll probably bring the boys with me for about 10 days, depending on what the babydaddies think of the idea. The Electrician will likely take the path of least resistance and be fine with it, but knowing The Philosopher, he will say “yes” and then change his mind to “no” but proceed to play martyr for the next two years about how much he’s had to sacrifice because of my “whimsical and irresponsible propensity for traveling.” Whatever the case, I’m super super excited, even more so because jj tells me the apartment is convenient to Penn Station, which is where a gal would go — hypothetically speaking — should she desire to be whisked away to Fire Island to spend time on the beach with a cute boy. Mmm. The summer is already shaping up to be quite delicious.

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