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day three

Nothing has changed since yesterday in terms of my reasons that I shouldn’t be blogging, but the cute boy is reading on the couch, again, and so I’m blogging, for a while, before going off to take a nap in a much-too comfortable bed. Last night was most wonderful: walking to the Film Forum to see Godard’s Contempt, reading The Time-Traveler’s Wife while jj went home to Brooklyn and came back with a change of clothes, then laying in bed drinking Pellegrino and eating strawberries. And it’s been a fabulous day — breakfast in bed (bagels and coffee and more strawberries) while reading the New York Times, napping while jj watched the Mets game, the Whitney Biennial, dinner at Candle Cafe (including a dessert of vegan marble Bundt cake and soy chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream), and now we’re back at the condo for a while… we were going to see the Dodos at Mercury Lounge, but they’re sold out, and so the evening is a blank slate. I’m sure whatever happens, it will be at least as fabulous as the past 72 hours. Namaste.