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a little better

I’m almost done battling this illness, but just to make sure I am victorious in time for my NYC trip, I’m heading off to the spa after a conference call for work. They have a eucalyptus steam bath there, and any time I’ve ever been sick, it’s been instrumental in helping me feel better. I figure a few jaunts in there, alternating with a few sessions in the sauna, should be enough to whip my sad body back into shape.

Being sick has made me realize two things: (1) I like living alone and (2) I kinda don’t like living alone. Contradictory, I know… but nothing like getting to a low point to realize all the pluses and minuses about my situation. On the plus side, there’s no one I have to be nice to when I don’t feel like being nice. I can not take a shower for three days and look like crap without feeling self-conscious. I can sleep from 6pm until 2am and then spend three hours watching bad television before going back to bed without worrying about disturbing anyone. The down side, though: there’s no one to pamper me, rub my feet/back, run a bath, go out to the store for Gatorade, feed the cat, give me a hug, or cuddle.

You’d think this would have occurred to me some time before now, seeing as how I’ve been living alone since December 2006… but I guess I come to realizations slowly. Either that, or I haven’t been this sick since then. Whatever the case… the spa awaits, and I’m going to relish every minute of that. Namaste.


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