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it’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood

OK, so it’s not entirely wonderful. It’s raining, for one, and it’s a cold rain (though there are thunderstorms, which add a certain degree of charm). And since it was only drizzling when I arrived at my therapist’s office, I thought, I can totally leave the umbrella in the car, except that, well, weather changes over the course of an hour, and when I was done getting my head straightened out (for today, anyhow), it was pouring buckets. I protected my BlackBerry by putting it inside my bra (hey, a girl does what she has to do) and scurried two blocks to my car, where, upon arrival, I was really glad I take Douglas Adams to heart and carry a towel with me everywhere I go. Well, everywhere I go in my car, at least. Bringing a towel in general would be a tad bit cumbersome, and if I’ve got trouble trying to figure out how to go out dancing with a purse, imagine how tough it would be having to account for a towel.

Rain aside, though, it’s an awesome day. Well, except that I have a scratchy throat that seems to be impervious to Airborne and it’s the end of the month at work, which means I’ll be spending the time between now and 11pm working frantically AND trying to fit in all the rest of the pieces of my life into the day. So I suppose “awesome” might just be the wrong word, except it’s not, because I think I’ve gotten to a place in my life in which, when “bad” things happen (or when I get sidetracked), it’s all just another step along the way.

I’m exactly where I need to be right now — uh, existentially, not that I need to be sitting in my panties and bra with my clothes drying on the radiator while I type on my laptop and listen to a rainy day mix (click here to get it!) — and there isn’t anything I can think of that I’d change about my life… well, the rain and the sickness and the work, to be sure, but that’s all stuff that will come and go and is so not worth fretting over. So, then: it’s a fabulous day! I may even frolick in the rain before the sun sets. Namaste.