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half o’ a whim day

Before I set out on Whim Day March 2008, I of course needed supplies. And, since I was running late (as per usual), that consisted of digging through my trunk for my emergency stashes of Kashi TLC bars and Pellegrino water. Or, in this case… just taking one of each from the groceries I’ve been too lazy to carry upstairs:

Usually, I take Lake Shore Drive to Lower Wacker when I go to UIC, but on a whim I decided to take Irving Park Road to the Kennedy. And promptly ran into a traffic jam caused by a partial lane closure thanks to our friends at Nicor:

This looks more like the town I grew up in than the near southwest side of Chicago, aka “University Village.” Uh, village my ass. But, yeah, these are the cobblestone streets I mentioned in my last blog:

The view of downtown from the parking garage on Maxwell Street was pretty sweet today. This is what I saw at approximately 2:30pm — yes, I left the doctor’s office at 2:30pm when I had an 11am appointment — and it was so pretty I stopped and just kinda stared for a while:

And then I decided to stop by First Slice Cafe for a piece of pie and a salad and black bean tamales (to go, since I’d spent an aeon at the doctor’s office). I love the lettering on the signs:

After which I sat down with a salad on my lap in an attempt to work:

And I wanted to take a bath — and, in fact, I’d run a bubble bath — but somehow I got sidetracked (hey, funny things can happen when a gal’s walking around her apartment naked) and instead I high-tailed to the Eyebrow Nazi:

And climbed up her staircase while amusing myself with the thought that she sure has things figured out, being in such an unassuming place while offering such a fancy useful service:

After rushing home to put on makeup and scooting to a meeting, Sober Mama and I went to the Old Town School of Folk Music, where these two little girls started everyone out with the dancing:

At intermission (or is it only called an “intermission” for a play, and with music it’s a “set break”… ah, I digress), Sober Mama and I decided to leave early because I was exhausted… but a woman named Carla who we’d met earlier in the evening took our picture:

After driving Sober Mama home (and encountering this odd minivan driver who tried to inspire me to road rage, and then I looked in my rear-view mirror and saw his passenger snorting coke off the dashboard…), I made it back to my humble abode:

And went to the bathroom, but since I can’t/won’t show you photos of that, here’s one of me in my bathroom:

In retrospect, I should have just devoted an entire day to Whim Day and not tried to fit it in around all sorts of other obligations, but it was still fun doing what I could to capture my spontaneous side.


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