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happy spring equinox

I’m three days late (talking about the equinox, that is), but I’ve been busy. I don’t celebrate Easter (or Christmas), but I do like to at least acknowledge the equinoxes and solstices, if for no other reason than I enjoy saying solsticial and equinoctial with complete abandon. I don’t really celebrate them, though. For Winter Solstice, the boys each get one meaningful present (or I take them on a short trip, since I’m of the mindset that they’re much more likely to remember going somewhere than they are what stuff they got when they’re looking back twenty years from now). The Autumnal Equinox is cause for heading to Welles Park for a brisk exploration of the playground, perhaps the last picnic of the season, and the Summer Solstice is time to finalize plans for our annual summer travels (this year, it looks like a road trip to California and back along the old Route 66).

For the Spring Equinox, though, there isn’t much I do with the boys — The Philosopher has this rather, um, philosophical thing he does with them, talking about being reborn and going on a complex (plastic) egg hunt with all sorts of interesting rules and configurations, something I always pretty much rolled my eyes at when we were together, so by now I just let him have his fun (and today’s his 35th 36th* birthday, too, so more power to him). Besides, it gives me the space to have my own Spring Equinox special time… and today that has consisted of sleeping with the windows open and the blinds up, waking up naturally from the sunlight, reading in bed for half an hour, taking a steamy bubble bath while listening to the Is Chicago/Is Not Chicago mix jj made for me, shaving my legs (it’s, uh, been a while), giving myself a facial, and meditating on all the changes I’ve made in the past year.

And so that’s where I am, listening to I Saw a Hippie Girl on 8th Avenue streaming through the speakers, an equinoctial breeze coming through the windows, the smell of strawberry bubble bath lingering on my skin, sunlight illuminating my day with happiness. I’m grateful to be alive, I love the person I am becoming, and here I am, busy cultivating the life I’ve always wanted out of joy. Namaste.

* The boys just corrected me on this, and I was all, holy crap!, they’re right…