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it’s all a matter of time

Nilsa posted this on her blog, and I loved it so much I’m doing it, too!

Ten seconds ago I was playing Scramble on Facebook.

Ten minutes ago I filled out an online form for a moving quote.

Ten days ago I ate Tabasco pie for the first time.

Ten weeks ago I saw the Poi Dog Pondering Acoustic Quintet at the Hideout.

Ten months ago I took a pregnancy test that turned up positive.

Ten years ago I edited and wrote (among other things) the Today’s Farm section at a newspaper in western Illinois.


Ten years from now I’ll definitely be living in New York City.

Ten months from now I’ll be rekindling my love-hate relationships with Chicago winters.

Ten weeks from now I’ll be planning Renegade’s 11th birthday party and wondering how it is I am old enough to be the mother of an eleven-year-old boy.

Ten days from now I’ll eat lunch at Earwax Cafe and browse the CDs at Reckless Records and shop at the thrift stores while Rebel participates in a Grossology writing workshop at 826Chicago.

Ten minutes from now I’ll be putting lunch in the oven and hopping in the shower.

Ten seconds from now I’ll watch the reveal on Ten Years Younger.


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