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on the bright side

So there’s a slight chance The Philosopher will vacate the house by April 30th (I gave him one last opportunity to do the right thing), but I’m at the point where I’m kind of hoping he digs his heels in and stays. This new apartment (the larger one in my current building) is making me feel as though I’m moving into an apartment for the very first time — I’m scouring Craigslist furniture ads for unique pieces and I’m planning how I’ll funky up the bedroom and what artwork I can add to my collection and which walls I’ll paint what color and… well, it’s a remarkable opportunity to express my personal style and a blank slate with which to do so.

And transforming the house into “my space” is entirely possible, too, so even if The Philosopher leaves (of which there’s about a 3% chance), I won’t be crestfallen… but it will be a little bit harder, considering that all my “stuff” has been there for three years. Moving into this new apartment, I’ll be able to sort through things both in my studio and at the house, and I’ll have high standards because the new place is smaller than the house (duh!) and will only bring things with me that I really love or that really matter. Dare I say I’m actually excited?