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to do (or, a list of things I’ve failed to accomplish)

This vegan cake — chocolate with “buttercream” frosting — from The Grind is so yummy I want to get married just so I can have an excuse to eat as much of it as possible. Something makes me think it’s a better idea to visit The Grind regularly.
In June I’ll have lived in Chicago for a total of 26 years (18 as an adult, 8 as a child), which means approximately 75% of my life has been spent in or around the Windy City (I am choosing to ignore the nine months I spent living down the street from a cheese factory in Kaukauna WI as a statistical blip). And it occurs to me — thinking about how last summer was the first time I’d ever been to the beach here — that there are plenty of things I should finally do before I turn 35 and begin my mid-life crisis, which, yeah, I know, probably doesn’t officially start until I’m at least 40, but — seriously — we all know how much I enjoy lingering inside existential crises.

Museum of Contemporary Art
I’m sure this is a shock, but I’ve never been to the MCA. In fact, I’ve only been to the Art Institute three times (and once was for a scavenger hunt, so it’s not as though I spent a good deal of time perusing its collections). In fact, I’ve spent about ten times as much time wandering around art museums in New York City than I have in my own city.

Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Actually, I’ve never seen any symphony anywhere. Well, that may not be true. I have vague recollections of a school field trip to some concert in Corpus Christi, but if I can’t remember it, does it count?

Joffrey Ballet
The ballet is one of those things that I’ve wanted to attend for quite some time, but I seem to have had the misfortune (ok, so that’s a euphemism) of being involved with and/or marrying men who hated even talking about the idea of the ballet.

Lyric Opera of Chicago
So I’m a cultural moron. Let me defend myself by saying that I grew up in an intensely blue-collar family in which my parents owned a grand total of five books between them, and three of them were Leo Buscaglia books my mother bought when they were getting divorced (when I was 14). Nonetheless, I think going to the opera is probably something I should do before existential angst takes hold of my soul and refuses to vacate its premises until I buy a Harley and travel cross-country wearing leather chaps or something else that seems entirely inappropriate but nonetheless explicable within the context of having an extended irrational mid-life crisis.

DuSable Museum
This is on the South Side, and we all know how frustrated I get about all those confusing streets down there, but I suppose I should put aside my fear of unpredictable urban engineering and learn a thing or two about African-American history, no?

Chicago Shakespeare Theatre
There’s a theme here… yeah, I’ve spent what adds up to probably a half-decade of my life slithering around dive bars (and worse) and can tell you first-hand what the toilet of the old Village theatre looked like ’cause I threw up in it so many times, but high-brow culture? Uh, sure… Ahem.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House
I looked in the windows of the Robie House once, when I was on a date with a medical student from the U of C who was so predictably boring it was difficult to stay awake. But I don’t believe “looking through the windows” counts as visiting, so add this to the list.

Lillstreet Art Center
I’ve been talking for decades about taking a pottery class, even though I hate getting my hands dirty, so perhaps that’s not the smartest idea, but it’s still gonna happen before I turn 35. End of story.

Chicago Lakefront Path
I have seen people walking, jogging, and riding their bikes down this path, but I have never done so myself. In fact, this perhaps should be expanded to “never riding a bike in Chicago” — a sad, sad fact, since I’ve actually owned a bicycle since June 2006.

Chicago Botanic Garden
At least this is far enough away that there’s an understandable reason I haven’t been there yet… well, that, and I’m not really a nature type of gal. But it’s probably still worth forcing myself to get in touch with my (deeply, deeply hidden and possibly nonexistent) inner hippie.

Wrigley Field/The Chicago Cubs
OK… brace yourself… I have NEVER been to a Cubs game. (I’ve been to see the Sox exactly twice, once with the pre-Wikipedia Jimmy Wales and once with a group of folks from grad school.)

The Peace School
Yeah, okay, I need to relax from time to time. Between pottery classes and my acting lessons, I’ll head down Lincoln Avenue to get my zen on.

National Museum of Mexican Art
Perhaps it’s because I spent so long in Texas, where “art” comes in two forms (cowboy “sculptures” and Mexican), but this museum doesn’t appeal all that much to me. Nonetheless, it’s something I should see and do and to which I should succumb.

Piven Theatre Workshop
I doubt anyone realizes that, way back when, I happened to be a somewhat talented actor with a great deal of promise, until my parents pretty much squelched that possibility by refusing to drive me to rehearsals at the repertory theatre of which I’d been accepted as a member. Ah, well. It’s never too late to pretend I know how to act!

OK, so this is more one of the things I should do as a responsible mother who claims to be as hip and urban as they come…

And I am sure there are more, but I have to leave some things to do after I turn 35 and before I turn 40, right?


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