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you know what they say about thumbs…

When Dusters and Rebel get together, strange things are bound to happen, or at least odd conversations abound. I mean, think of who their mothers are, and it’s not a huge surprise, right? Given that any chat Slavegirl and I have inevitably turns to talk about sex toys, masturbation, BDSM, and/or past sexual exploits, it’s no wonder…

On the way to Elk Grove…

Dusters: Mine is bigger.

Rebel: No, mine is bigger.

Dusters: No, MINE is bigger!

Rebel: MINE IS!!!

Me: Uh, what are you guys talking about?

Rebel: Thumbs!

Slavegirl: Dusters’ is longer but yours has more girth.

On the way home from Elk Grove…

Slavegirl: Dusters runs around saying “I like sperm” and I keep telling him “sperm WHALES”

Rebel: You know what would be funny? If you said “sperm well” and it was a well full of sperms.

Dusters: Sperm WHALES.

I think it’s safe to assume these children are a slight bit odd. Although it’s also a sure bet they have absolutely no idea why Slavegirl and I find them to be so hilarious. Which is a good thing.