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post-deadline online roundup

Normally I wait until Saturday to offer commentary on things I’ve found online, but a few things are too good to pass up until then:

1. I don’t know if anyone has told these girls, but they ain’t all that pretty. But I love how the camera pans up on the one of them, and her leggings are all uneven and her legs are not very attractive regardless. Am I being petty? Of course I am. But that’s kinda what you get when you go on national television and claim you didn’t get water on your flight on Southwest Airlines because you’re too pretty. Especially when you’re not.

2. Today, I found Songkick. Yesterday, Jesse Jarnow (who’s dubbed me Fangs McVegan, which I love) pointed me in the direction of Good Reads, and I found all kinds of cool software to download for my BlackBerry, including Google Talk, leaving me to ponder what hasn’t been thought of in terms of technology. [Do I really need the ability to Google chat while driving? This remains to be seen.]

3. Does it get any better than FoxNewsPorn? Methinks not.

4. Hearing the full story about the cyclist who was killed over the weekend at Lincoln-Irving-Damen makes me feel about 99% less sorry for him than I did yesterday. I mean, OK, it’s sad someone died, but isn’t this sort of like people who end up brain damaged because they rode a motorcycle 90 miles an hour down I-88 and refused to wear a helmet and crashed? In other words, I’m finding it difficult to garner much sympathy here.

5. (Side note) If you haven’t gone to Tulip yet, I’ve got to say they’ve got some fine products there. I’m starting to feel a bit like Charlotte from Sex and the City the past couple of days… ahem.

6. I’ve always wanted an invisibility cloak… is this yet another dream answered by the marvelous folks at Google?

7. Choda Boy, anyone?

8. Will people PLEASE STOP organizing summer music festivals? My head is about to explode from all of my tentative travel plans.

9. My birthday is only five months away, my five-month sobriety anniversary is today, and every day is a good day to buy me a present, so if you’re wondering what you can get me, these are a good bet. Or these. Or one of these. OK. I’m done (for now).


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