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randomness for a monday

1. The best thing about watching My So-Called Life (via Netflix) now, after not watching it when it was actually on television (1994-1995), is that I not only identify with the teen-age characters but also can completely relate to the parents.

2. The Academy Awards last night were so-so. Two notable realizations: I was extremely disappointed Cate Blanchett didn’t receive an Oscar for her performance in I’m Not There, and I dislike Diablo Cody. The former should be obvious, but the latter… well, here’s the deal: if you’re gonna try to rock the indie look (black hair, red lipstick, tattoos), then you need a demeanor to match. You need to OWN that look. And Diablo Cody looked so nervous and skitterish and unsure of herself, she might as well have been dressed like Reese Witherspoon in Pleasantville (pre-sexual evolution). She wasn’t owning much of anything, and I felt very, very sad for her.

3. About a quarter of the time I’m at Irving-Damen-Lincoln and I encounter dumb-ass bicyclists who insist on not obeying the traffic signals (or paying attention to traffic), I think to myself, Someone’s gonna get killed one of these days. And, ya know, I was right. Which is sad. Even sadder than it would be to die from eating too much cake, which I think is probably a risk you take when you enter a contest to see who can eat the most fairy cakes.

4. Sax Man and I were joking last night about how we’re so stereotypical despite wanting to avoid stereotypes. When he gets stressed, he heads to Cigar King to smoke a cigar, watch big-screen sports, and sit in a leather chair while surfing the ‘net. And when I get stressed, I do what I did Saturday: head to the spa, get a massage, then go out for tea and soup at Bittersweet. I think it’s pretty funny how I fit so well into preconceived notions of “what women do” without actually being typical in the least. Go figure.

5. Oh. My. God. Who wants to go to Seattle with me Memorial Day weekend for the Sasquatch! Music Festival?

6. If you have a weak stomach, it may be a good idea to avoid this set of Flickr photos showing a human dissection, but I think it’s pretty cool. Almost as cool as the craniotomy photo set I perused before my own brain surgery.

7. Now I’ve seen everything. I love the Golden Dildo plan, which allows for three toys out at a time. This is a joke, right?