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(most of) a day in the sickness

Wake up at 12:22pm, participate in conference call for work, chat with A., talk with Sax Man, go to Staples, go to post office, buy pizza, eat pizza, text with Slavegirl, watch Made on MTV, take a nap, text with Slavegirl, answer door to get toilet paper and Pellegrino from Slavegirl, take a nap, watch the premiere of America’s Next Top Model cycle 10, shave my legs (?), watch Law and Order: Criminal Intent, start watching Law and Order, talk with Sax Man, get a chat from jj telling me about the Wilco webcast, turn off Law and Order, start listening to said webcast, keep chatting with jj, continue feeling as though I’ve been run over by a Mack truck, wonder if I’ll feel better tomorrow…