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thoughts while waiting for my delayed flight

So I was *supposed* to take off from Albuquerque at 8:20 but now my flight has been postponed to 9:50, which is making me very, very sad. And I am also hungry, but don’t want to eat because I paid for the first-class upgrade* and want to get my money’s worth. But I am not the only one stranded – E. just called and his 7am flight has been delayed ’til after 11am, so he proposed renting a car and driving back to Chicago if we can’t get out of here today. Which I suppose would be fun on one level but also raises an important question: would I be able to go on an impromptu road trip with someone who tends to irritate me after an hour alone in the same room? Although his Irritation Index is, I am 97 percent sure, is due to my own impatience and character flaws, so maybe this another one of those darned God moments that keep popping up.

In any case, E. is on his way over to my gate so we can hang out and chat for a while. I will readjust my attitude and try to imagine he has tact and an innate sense of diplomacy and awareness of personal space boundaries instead of being a blunt direct guy who is about two thousand percent more intense and touchy-feely than my comfort level allows. (It is at this point when I realize it was probably a mistake to pack my big book in my checked luggage, and something makes me think it’s not stocked at Hudson News.)

The biggest disappointment about this delay is that this is one of the few times I’ve traveled and *really* wanted to get home not a minute too soon. And it’s been since Wednesday that I saw Rebel (or Renegade) – or all of my friends – and so that only adds to the frustration.

Still, this is a risk assumed when flying into or out of O’Hare in mid-February when the winter season has already been prolifically snowy. And on that note…I will probs blog later. Namaste.

* I almost always fly American because they have this upgrade thing they do – if there are first-class seats available, anyone in coach can upgrade for $45 per 500-mile segment. And, yeah, that’s not dirt-cheap or anything, but it *is* a nice little treat on the tail end of a trip, which is bound to be a bit exhausting even under the best circumstances.