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the night innocence died (or something like that)

1. I killed a snowman today in front of Giddings Plaza in Lincoln Square. Hey, it was either running him over like a not-so-crazed maniac going 3 miles per hour or being stuck there forever while Sax Man relocated him to the sidewalk.

2. The Savages was a darned good movie, though a tad bit depressing if you have, had, or will have an elderly parent in need of long-term care… and I think that means it’s depressing for pretty much everyone, so be forewarned.

3. Brad Pitt’s new hair sucks. Maybe this is what having eighty-five children under the age of two in your care does to you.

4. Is it wrong that I wouldn’t mind coming down with stressorexia?

5. Just finished my taxes, and I made $22k more in 2007 than I did in 2006, and so I guess I don’t feel so bad that I spend so much money on clothes, going out to eat, and seeing movies.

6. OK, I hate that whole misogynist “you only cry because you’re trying to manipulate me” bullshit men do when they don’t want to take responsibility for being assholes and doing Bad Things That Make Women Cry, but Hillary is driving me nuts with her crocodile tears. I swear I am at the point where I would do a reverse Ann Coulter (oh, God, that sounds like a sexual position…) and campaign for John McCain if it’s a McCain-Clinton contest.

7. I just filled out an application to trade in my Scion xA for a Toyota Matrix, which still gets good gas mileage and would be a lot more room. I’m feeling (a) the car I have is more of a toy than meant for a grown up (b) I need to have a car that reflects my financial security rather than demonstrates how financially insecure I’ve felt in the past and (c) I really need to exorcise the ghosts of The Philosopher from this vehicle, and I’m having a difficult time doing that, considering every time I get in it I feel resentful about how he racked up the miles on it. And Sax Man asked me tonight if I wanted to get a new car because The Philosopher got a new car, to which I said Good question! and I think the answer is both “yes” and “no” but — either way — not at all for the reasons he might have asked. But anyhow. Who knows if the application will be approved or not… but I checked the payoff balance on my existing loan and it appears as though I finally owe about $1,000 less than I could get as a trade-in, so there’s that working for me. We’ll see.

8. Finally, for anyone who has ever doubted by sanity because of the size of my stiletto collection, I think you owe me an apology. Or at least your envy at how great my orgasms are because of all the workouts my “pleasure muscles” are getting. Ahem.