brain tumor, old (2008)

what it was like

I talk a bit about brain surgery, and I thought it would be interesting to post a photo of me taken in the hospital on October 1, 2005 — the day after I had a craniotomy to remove a meningioma from my frontal parietal lobe. I now have an indentation in my head — a flat spot, if you will — where that large scar is… the “bone flap” (which isn’t really a flap at all, but kind of like a piece of skull they lift out, then place back after the tumor is removed) settled in a little bit and didn’t fuse evenly with the rest of my skull. It’s kind of freaky, but it’s also kind of neat to have a flat spot on my head. It makes me a bit quirkier, and I need all the quirky points I can get.

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