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getting in touch with my inner pink

Did you know that until the 1940s pink was considered a color for baby boys? It was considered more masculine, and it was baby girls who wore blue, since (dontcha know?) it is a more delicate and dainty color. And “in the pink” means “getting in good health,” whereas “seeing pink elephants” refers to the DTs (which, thankfully, I never experienced). But anyhow… I’m finding pink things more appealing these days — and by that I mean actual pink objects, not “pink things” ala XTC‘s Oranges and Lemons (1989) since, ahem, I don’t need sobriety to fuel my affection for THOSE. [Though it did take about six months of listening to that song before realizing it referred to a penis. Thankfully, though a bit retrospectively regretfully, my penis naïveté was short-lived…]

Anyhow… I’ve owned a pair of hot pink stilettos for a couple-three years now and they are one of my favorite pairs in my collection, but beyond that, I haven’t really been a pink kind of gal. There were the Twin Set Years, aka “the years in which I lived in the suburbs and wore khaki pants and sweater twin sets to try to fit into the ideal of what The Philosopher wanted me to be” — during which I did wear a fair amount of pink, but I’m pretty sure I donated all those clothes to the Goodwill in Naperville before we moved back into the city.

This New Pink Wave began in December, when I was in Walgreens and noticed they had pink holiday lights. They were something like twice as much as the “normal” lights, but I wanted them. So I got them and hung them in the doorway between my kitchen and living space. And a couple of weeks ago I of course had to buy a pink kissing ball for that doorway, since the mistletoe kissing ball went out of style New Year’s Day. And then pink curtains. And pink dishes, cups, and bowls. And pink mixing bowls. And a sudden compulsion to turn my blog pink. And plans to turn my office from orange-and-yellow to grey-and-pink when I move back into the house.

Since this newfound compulsion is not accompanied by the desire to actually wear pink (no, I’m not going to start shopping at Victoria’s Secret or come home with sweat pants that say PINK across my ass, if for no other reason than I don’t need to draw MORE attention to my back side), I don’t think this means I’m becoming necessarily more traditionally feminine (or historically masculine). My theory: as I’m getting healthier and more comfortable with myself and my sober time increases, I want less drama in my life. And can you think of a color that’s more drama-free than pink?


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