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As the day’s gone on, I’ve felt sicker and sicker, and by now I have a fever and a full-blown head cold, whereas before it was just a tickle in my throat and a slight malaise. And I’m volunteering tomorrow night for KEXP.com at the Tomorrow Never Knows Festival, which will totally be worth it but I’m wondering how I’m going to catch up on work and make my meeting and eat and take care of my kiddos and clean my piercing and moisturize my new tattoo and buy a new DVD player (which Sax Man is coming over tomorrow to help me properly hook up to my TV and stereo) and write my syllabus and, uh, sleep and blah blah blah. But I suppose I don’t have to figure all of that out right now — duh! — and all I really have to do is take care of myself, get some medicine into my body, sleep a good night’s sleep, and do the best I can.

In the mean time, I bought my plane ticket to Albuquerque and I get a free first-class upgrade (finally) so that will be nice. And I have enough miles on United to book a flight to Texas for SXSW (if I get free tickets through work, ’cause I’m not paying $650) or my brother’s graduation from college (if I don’t), so there’s that to look forward to. And, oh, I was able to reserve a convertible for Albuquerque for less than an economy car would’ve been — I have a knack for finding online travel bargains — so I am rather thrilled at that, though I suspect a convertible in New Mexico in February may be superfluous.



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