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cool vs. beautiful

It’s on 365 versions of me and it’s on my Facebook page and my MySpace page, but what the heck? Here’s the first (relatively photogenic) picture of me with my new lip piercing. Yay for me! Well, kind of… it was painful as all heck. I threw up not once, but twice, and I almost passed out. But overall I’m happy with the result, even if it has been almost impossible to eat anything without feeling like I’ve got a metal straw permanently attached to my lip, a sensation M. tells me went away for her after about a week. And if someone who’s got her clit (and other various naughty bits) pierced doesn’t know about these things, I don’t know who will… so I’m going with that. And in other news:

1. Tattoo No. 7 is planned for Monday. It’s going to be on the back of my neck, “namaste” written in Hindi. And while I’m there, Mike is going to see/hear my idea for the mythology-based 3/4-sleeve I’ve been pondering for ages now. Basically, it’s going to be Juno and Persephone and Apollo playing out scenes from the heavens and the underworld and the sober reality that lies in between. Fun!

2. Stopping by to see the kiddos yesterday, we had the following conversation, which made me laugh heartily and also caused me to wonder whether I’d rather be beautiful or cool:

Me: Hi, guys!

B: What did you bring me?

Me: Was I supposed to bring you something?

B: Yes, something cool.

Me: I brought myself!

W: Yeah, mom’s cool.

B: No, you’re beautiful, which means you can’t be cool.

Me: I can’t be both?

W: I’ve seen some beautiful cool women.

B: Really?

W: Yeah. There was this picture…

Me: OK, let’s stop there…

Ah, the joys of bringing male children into the world…

3. I was interviewed today by a wire service, which means I’ll be seeing myself in a Google News Alert soon, which will be quite surreal, I am sure.

4. One thing that really sucks about being sober and wanting to stay sober and, therefore, working a strong program: having a commitment to doing the next right thing. It would be so much easier, on some level, to blow people off and not show up where I said I’d show up and not participate when I feel like slacking and blah blah blah… but no. That ain’t what it’s all about… so I continue to reluctantly do things and somehow it gets me out of myself and it’s all good. Or at least better than drinking. Someone at a meeting on Sunday said I didn’t get in trouble every time I drank, but every time I got in trouble I’d been drinking and — wow! — ain’t that the truth? I think that needs to be my daily mantra for some time to come…

5. I’m getting back in the swing of things re: concerts… I stopped off and saw Adam at Laurie’s on Friday and he said haven’t seen you around for a while, and it’s totally true… I did kind of drop off the face of the local-show planet but now I am officially back. Yay! Going with W. to see Poi Dog Pondering on Sunday, and then there’s the Tomorrow Never Knows festival at Schubas, plus tons of other great stuff coming up. So, then: I’m back. But better. Be forewarned.