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good-bye ruby tuesday…

1. In addition to preventing me from getting out of the house (or, uh, off of my couch), the America’s Next Top Model marathon on VH1 is quite educational. By this, I mean that I have learned I can watch the first five minutes and the last ten minutes and be quite happy. And you’d think this would mean that the other 45 minutes of every hour, I’d just turn the television off… but, no, I listen to it and just watch at the end to see everyone’s photos and find out who’s getting the boot. I do the same only-watch-the-end thing with What Not to Wear, While You Were Out, Extreme Makeover, Flip That House, and pretty much every other before-and-after transformation “reality” show. [In case there were any question, yes, I have a slight problem when it comes to weaning myself from this rather voyeuristic practice of living vicariously through other people’s neuroses…]

2. Until yesterday, I was an avid French toast hater. All these years I’ve been eschewing pancakes and French toast because it gets all soggy with the syrup and, of course, being 99% vegan, French toast is kind of out of the picture. But then B. ordered the vegan French toast at the Pick Me Up CafĂ© yesterday and he didn’t eat it all and it smelled so yummy and I tried it and… Oh. My. God. There was enough left over for me to have some for breakfast today — along with Earl Grey breakfast tea brewed in my pod coffee maker (yes, I have discovered TEA PODS!!!) — and I am now craving the stuff. Anyone wanna go to the Pick Me Up soon?

3. I’ve gone a bit blog crazy. I’ve signed up for Blog 365, which means I’ll be aiming to post every day in 2008. I’ve got this one (uh, obviously) and 34 words (which is me participating in x365) and now I’ve got 365 versions of me — which is based on this Flickr group idea that you can take a photo of yourself every day for a year. I’ve added accomplishments and reasons for gratitude because, uh, who wouldn’t want a year-long list of all the things they’ve gotten done and reminders of all the cool stuff in their life? Not me, that’s who.


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