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friends with money

I saw it when it first came out, but Friends with Money has been on cable incessantly over the past few weeks and so I’ve seen it, oh, at least four times in the past month. (Late at night, I “work” while “watching” television.) It probably comes as no surprise that I completely identify with the (poor) Jennifer Aniston character in the film, though lately I’ve been taking a rather Frances McDormand-y perspective on hair washing. Egads. But anyhow. It occurs to me there are tons of other movies I adore because I can identify with the dysfunction of the main female characters, including:

  • Shopgirl, which still makes me cry almost every time I see it… and I actually have this reaction to 97% of the things I’ve seen Claire Danes in;
  • All the Real Girls, which accurately captures the angst unique to growing up in a small town where relatively no one can see beyond the city limits;
  • Proof… ah, a movie set in Chicago… but beyond that, oh, Gwyneth Paltrow does a bang-up job channeling the genius child of dysfunction;
  • Garden State, because even though I don’t like how the Zach Braff character doesn’t get on the plane (I think he’ll always be sorry for not going back to California for at least a little bit!), wow!, would it be yummy to be the girl he doesn’t go back to California for;
  • Year of the Dog, which should be mandated viewing for anyone new to the animal rights movement;

and I am sure there are tons others, but my brain is fried just a bit tonight, so I am going back to “working” while “watching” (yet again) Friends With Money.