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counting down…

When things get intolerable and you realize it’s probably PMS and not necessarily rampant insanity that left you curled in a ball on the floor sobbing for two hours on Christmas night, what better thing to do than get your first haircut since August 24? Because, you know, it’s probably some sort of travesty that your last drunk happened a month after your last hair appointment, especially since you’ve got a couple 90-day coins jingling in the pocket of your winter coat.

This is the reasoning that had me waiting at Big Hair for an hour before calling Twisted Scissors only to learn they had no appointments until Wednesday. And because I want what I want, like, NOW, and don’t want to have to wait until Wednesday (and also because I’m re-dyeing my hair tomorrow and wanted it cut BEFORE I colored), I called Milio’s and made an appointment and went in and got my head massaged and my hair cut, and I only winced a little bit when I paid almost $50 for a cut that would have cost $20 at Big Hair or $25 at Twisted Scissors. After all, if I can “afford” (meaning I can’t, but I pretend I can because I’m in the eternal grip of the Eyebrow Nazi) $47-plus-tip to get my freakin’ eyebrows done once a month, this shouldn’t bother me. And I admit my hair looks much better and will look completely and utterly awesome when I finish my rather experimental (pink, red + blue) dye job tomorrow. Speaking of which, I’m starting yet another blog (yep, No. 3) to participate in this thing where you take a photo of yourself every day for a year, so pictures of My New Hair will be taken for the first day of that… more to come on New Year’s Day.

Next on my agenda: finding the perfect black miniskirt to wear on New Year’s Eve. Since I’ve lost 23 pounds since September, I of course want to look 100% hot (for, sadly, no one in particular, just the Metro crowd at large, I suppose) while ringing in 2008, especially since there’s a ghost of a chance I’ll be backstage after the Spoon concert… not that I’d break my vow of celibacy for a rock star or anything. After all, I need to start this year on a positive note, which — I don’t know for certain, but I’m just guessing here — means not flinging myself at complete strangers…


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