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Taking a break from preparing for my Winter Solstice Cookie & Gift Exchange (aka a dozen women crowding into my apartment for fun and food…) for some silly memes:

  • My Blogger Code is B7 D- T- K+ S+ F+ I O++ X E+ L++ C+ Y4 R- W++ P++ M5 N- H-
  • My Ecological Footprint is 9 acres, which is far below the American average of 24 acres per person, but we would still need 2.1 planets if everyone lived like I do. Sigh.
  • There are 96 people with my exact name in the U.S., according to How Many of Me? If I changed my name to what I want to change it to, there would be only 11 of me.
  • The Life Expectancy Calculator claims I will live to be 103 years old. I can live even longer by reducing stress (+2 years), taking aspirin daily (+2 years), flossing daily (+1 year), taking daily calcium and iron supplements (+1.5 years), and getting my blood sugar checked regularly (+.5 years), which means if I do all the things they “say” I could live to be 110 years old. But do I really want to?
  • I am 20.9073% geek, or so says the Geek Test.

OK… back to assembling party favors, baking cupcakes, and trying to figure out how to carry a case of Pellegrino from my car to my apartment when it is snowing outside and the wind chill is 11 degrees below zero. I am seriously considering placing an ad on Craigslist and paying someone $10 to do it for me. That’s how little I want to do it myself.