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sylvia plath, again…

If there’s anything worse than generalized anxiety, it’s a panic attack. And I haven’t had one for ages, but I had one tonight (this morning?) and I hate it hate it hate it. And now all my weird thinking is cropping up — so much so that I’ve got a headache. I’m making myself some warm pomegranate juice with cinnamon and running a bath to clear my head and taking a dose of B-complex vitamins. I hope it works.

I also want to know why these things happen at times when all of my friends are in bed and/or asleep. I mean, it’s not as though I’d be even half-coherent if I tried to explain what’s going on in my crazy lady head (as W. would say)… but just the thought that there’s no one around who could even try to listen is a bit disheartening.

Off, then, to the bath. Sigh.