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before I go to bed…

1. Learned today that due to “employee backlash” (and, oh, possibly because the permalancers were picketing in front of the building in NYC last week…) my employer will continue to offer the same health care benefits they’re offering now (in addition to the choice of the new plan, which they still insist is better than the old one. Uh, okay. Whatever…)

2. Using the “Garden Variety Drunks” team moniker, J., A., C., and I won first place in the Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunt at the Art Institute this afternoon. Our prize: very large t-shirts. I joked that we should have a slumber party in which we could wear the shirts and have pillow fights. I seemed to be the only one interested. Afterwards we enjoyed a wonderfully decadent meal at the Russian Tea Room (the pumpkin dumplings were divine), and then braved the elements to return to our respective homes. We took a photo in front of the lions, and as soon as J. e-mails it to me, I’ll post it here. We already have plans to sign up for the next scavenger hunt, recruiting a team of four men in addition to our foursome — guys vs. gals would surely be fun (and, of course, we would totally kick their asses…).

3. Also this afternoon, I picked up my laundry from the laundromat. I figure that if I have to leave my house to do my laundry, I might as well pay 65 cents a pound for someone else to do it, rather than sitting at the house for two or three hours while A. and I avoid each other and I pretend his girlfriend isn’t sitting in the bedroom waiting for me to leave. And this way I also don’t have to fold any clothes…

4. The Perfect Veg*n Guy must be kept away from my closets. This shall be done at any cost. After seeing his, which looks about like this (in terms of organization and neatness, not size), I can easily see how my, uh, complete inability to keep my closet organized could be a huge red flag in terms of our compatibility. Of course, I’m only kidding. I mean…who breaks up with someone because of a messy closet? (I don’t actually want to know the answer to that…)

5. I’m still pretty much a mess. During Gmail chat this evening, W. called me a crazy lady because I freak out over stupid things and obsess about small things and it’s all for completely insane reasons. I do believe I need to just relax. Uh, yeah. Easier said than done. Anyone have a Xanax?

6. Despite being a mess, things have been awesome lately. Mostly I’m enjoying having friends who like to go out and do things — for so many years I’ve been stuck in relationships where (a) the other person didn’t want to do anything or (b) the other person only wanted to do their stuff. And so a combination of things: (a) realizing not everyone likes to be out doing things as much as I do, (b) it’s silly to expect one person to fulfill all of my socializing needs, and (c) that’s the reason to have a diverse group of friends to call upon. Yay!

7. Looking forward to tomorrow: lunch with M. & her family; Lyle, Lyle Crocodile at the Lifeline Theatre; work-work-work all afternoon; a kick-ass meeting with kick-ass people; and a yet-to-be-determined something or the other with The Perfect Veg*n Guy. The semester is over, it’s a slow(ish) time for work, and the kids aren’t out of school for another week… so this is going to be a fun, fun, fun next few days (yes, I will be visiting the spa…).


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