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OK… this is officially the first blog I’ve written using reading glasses, and it’s kind of weird. I’ve been straining so hard for so long while using the computer and reading that I haven’t even noticed how hard it’s been. And now that it’s not, it’s just a weird sensation, one I imagine I haven’t felt since I was six and first started wearing glasses at all. The Perfect Veg*n Guy was the first person ever to see me in the new reading glasses (I tried them on for him before we saw Lars and the Real Girl at the Logan) but here’s a photo so the rest of the world can see what I look like in my fancy new specs. Ugh. I mean… I knew I’d have to wear them eventually, but I am only thirty-four years old and this is entirely too soon to have any sort of visual problem that involves an ophthalmologist saying (to me) your choice: contacts and reading glasses or bifocals, and I think you’re a bit young for the bifocal look… Sigh. But anyhow. I’ve been under the weather for a few days but am feeling better now. The company tonight (and the surprise visit last night) certainly haven’t hurt. Namaste.