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my day so far

Fell asleep last night at 11pm after watching I Like Killing Flies, which is probably the equivalent of a normal person falling asleep at 6pm after dinner. Woke up around 9:30am feeling even ickier — sniffles, headache, sneezing, achy, unmotivated, just plain sick. The Perfect Veg*n Guy offered to bring me “chicken” soup last night, but I would’ve felt too guilty letting him traipse through the sleet just to find me sniffly and grumpy. Now, though, I have a craving for soup. Ah, well. I’ve got some sweet potato bisque in the cabinet. It’s not “chicken” soup, but it’s something.

Had a great conversation with W. today about how I can be a better mom. We both want to be closer to each other, and we had a chance to talk about how to make that happen. Step One: hosting an all-day Harry Potter Movie Marathon for him and a few friends during winter break, complete with Potter-themed snacks. It’s all a work in progress, I suppose…

So now I’m taking the day off of work and hibernating and watching movies (Magnolia, et al) and trying to take care of myself so I can feel better by tomorrow and follow through with plans to see a movie with The Perfect Veg*n Guy, complete with popcorn and cherry coke and happy times.