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who needs a real doll when you’ve got the real thing?

1. Walking home from the iGo car, I noticed Renessence Salon now offers home delivery of hair care products in Lincoln Square on Wednesdays. The sign noted this is perfect for when the weather is too nasty to go outside. And I don’t know about you, but when a big snow hits or the wind chill drops below 20 degrees, the first thing that comes to mind is how I’m going to get my Aveda products.

2. Going to bed at 7am is not conducive to the sleep-deprivation management plan (i.e., Get Some Sleep) that I have been avoiding undertaking. It isn’t fair in the least, but I’m blaming it all on The Perfect Veg*n Guy. If he weren’t so interesting and we didn’t have so much fun getting to know each other, I’m certain I would have been in bed by at least 3am. But there are (many, many) worse things in the world than staying up all night talking, watching movies, and looking at old photos. And I have to publicly announce that the extended back rub was divine. Swoon…

3. It seems as though I win something from XRT once a month. Last month, it was tickets to the Tori Amos show at the Auditorium Theatre. Today, it was a copy of Richard Hawley’s latest CD. The only weird thing is that Xxx called and left a message for me at 10:30am to call her back so I could give her my address and by 12:05pm when I called back I was told, Xxx no longer works for this company, which made me feel really sad for her.

4. Whoever at Costello’s thought it was a good idea to include a massive overload of pepper in the coleslaw should be shot. No, I’m not really advocating murder… but it’s a bad culinary decision.

5. After elaborating on just how screwed I am, the HR rep at work said, Thank you for the support in helping us to manage through this time of change. It has been very important to us. Yes, indeed. How I’m going to “support” you is to start looking for a new job.

6. Wilco just announced they’ll be playing five nights at the Riviera in February. I’ll be in Albuquerque for the first two, but I’ll be back for the other three. I am ecstatic

7. It’s time to take a nap.


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