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who knew?

There are some things I believe people should know about me.
  1. When I use ice cubes, I always use exactly three.
  2. I dislike cleaning house. It gets done, eventually, but not on anyone else’s timetable. This has frustrated everyone I have ever lived with, including my children.
  3. I always start and end eating on the left side of my mouth.
  4. I get mildly panicky if I am driving my car and a palindrome is coming up on the odometer and I don’t see it change over.
  5. I twirl my hair. A lot. It’s distracting. I know. I can’t help it.
  6. It doesn’t bother me to do things alone. Some things I prefer solo: seeing certain movies, drinking coffee, cross stitching, reading in a cafe, crossword puzzles.
  7. I don’t like holding hands while walking down the street — it slows down the flow too much. And I adore walking quickly.
  8. I enjoy throwing parties, especially those that involve dinner, fancy desserts, interesting conversations, and (possibly) board games. You know, adult parties.
  9. On a daily basis, I ache for New York City. Ache.
  10. I can handle being hurt better than someone lying to “protect” me. It’s extremely difficult for me to recover from a lie.
  11. I’m not done getting tattoos, and I don’t know when I will be. It may be never.
  12. I’m incapable of learning a foreign language but that’s not stopping me from summering in Italy one of these days.
  13. I’m English, German, Italian, and about 1/16 Irish, but without fail people think I’m Irish.
  14. There is evidence I’m extremely “gifted” intellectually, but that has not translated into an abundance of common sense.
  15. I own more than a dozen kitchen appliances (electric pizzelle maker, anyone?) that have never once been used.
  16. Even though I’ve lived in Lincoln Square for almost three years, I’m still surprised when people there call me by name.
  17. Sometimes, I snore, and I sleep with my mouth open a bit.
  18. I am an awesome cupcake decorator.
  19. Clutter follows me everywhere.
  20. It’s not unusual for me to fall asleep during movies, and not just while at home on the couch.
  21. I can run in stilettos. Easily. And rather quickly.
  22. I’d rather my apartment be cold and snuggle up under the covers than for it to be hot and not have to use any blankets.
  23. I have a bad eBay habit. It comes and goes, usually in direct proportion to the size of my monthly paycheck.
  24. I’m a two-pillow kind of gal.
  25. I won two blue ribbons in the county fair the year I turned thirteen: one for my chocolate chip cookies and one for a poem of mine I wrote in calligraphy.
  26. When I was five, I wrote a book that won first place in my age category in the state of Illinois.
  27. The spelling team I was on for UIL competition in Texas in third grade lost at state because I misspelled squirrel.
  28. I hate chemistry (the subject) but love chemistry (the magic).
  29. I know almost nothing about history, especially anything prior to 1920 or after 1975.
  30. I’m an awesome paper snowflake maker.
  31. My second-favorite shoes are my Chuck Taylors. Yes, stilettos and Converse. Deal with it. It says a lot about my personality.
  32. I never miss an episode of America’s Next Top Model, Friday Night Lights, The Unit, or ANY of the CSIs. I also happen to like 7th Heaven.
  33. I am an unapologetic fan of Sex and the City, and until you watch all six seasons in their entirety (in order) I will not accept any criticism for this affection.
  34. I am the only person I know who regularly says with a splash of soy when ordering coffee.
  35. I loved Shopgirl, The Notebook, and All the Real Girls.
  36. I don’t think I’ll ever be the kind of person who can work a regular 40-hour-a-week work-in-an-office job.
  37. Despite spending $47 a month for eyebrow maintenance, I am not (and never have been) a girly-girl. My cuticles are ragged, I always forget to exfoliate, and I have no idea why I’m supposed to use eye cream to prevent wrinkles.
  38. I miss bourbon. Not drinking it, but the idea of bourbon.
  39. I procrastinate but manage to get everything done quite well.
  40. I hate lily pads, algae, and other riverbank-y green things.
  41. Getting my hands dirty is horrible. When I used to eat dead animals, I ate ribs with a fork and a knife. The idea of having sticky or dirty hands really freaks me out.
  42. I think I’m done adopting animals. Like, for the rest of my life. I love them, but when the ones I have are gone, I’m done.
  43. I have control issues. But I’m working on them.
  44. Much to my friends’ chagrin and horror, I sometimes take naps while soaking in the bathtub.
  45. I’m not likely to get married again, but if I do, it will be after the person travels with me to three places: the Hill Country of Texas, Charleston SC, and New York City. I can’t imagine spending my life with someone who hasn’t seen me in all of my (contradictory) elements and loves me nonetheless.

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