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Week of Poems: Day Three

I’m surrounded by sickness — both mental and physical — and it gets overwhelming sometimes. I’m in shock over something that happened yesterday that’s so dysfunctional I can’t even talk about it coherently… but it helps to realize that the person involved is very, very ill and probably couldn’t help himself if he tried. Meanwhile, I’m sleeping way too much and my back is out (again). Anyhow… here are several (shorter) poems (they are all actually quatrains) for Day Three (all by Rumi, again). Namaste.

I’ll go a hundred steps beyond reason,
Free from the existence of good and evil.
You are so good that I’m beyond the veil.
Let the clueless know: I will love myself.


I would shake the dust from my coat, and rise
If I realized my own perfection.
I would rush to the sky, empty and light;
My head would be high as the ninth heaven.


No punishment, no threat,
Could make me tell this secret.
Something carries joy inside me
But I can’t quite point to it.


Seek the science that unties for you this knot.
Seek it as long as there’s life in you still to be sought.
Leave that nothing that looks like it’s something;
Seek that something that looks like it’s nothing; it’s not.


Don’t call the wise lover insane, or say
The soul who shares your garden’s a stranger.
Don’t confine the encircling sea to a cup.
She knows her name, so don’t make stories up.


You’re sitting beside the road that you seek.
Blinded by moonlight, you search for the moon.
Why seek Joseph’s beauty, that dimpled chin?
You yourself are love; Joseph, you are him.


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