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Week of Poems: Day Two

It’s been a perfectly wonderful day — waking up to nice emails and connecting with people and realizing how much I’m growing as a person (and a friend) during therapy today and counting my blessings (which are many). It’s my 60-day anniversary, and A. & the people from what’s become my home group & I are going out to eat at Hamburger Mary’s after the meeting and it should be a spectacular time. Here’s another poem from Rumi.

I Saw Goodness Getting Drunk
I am gone,
lost any sense of wanting the wine
of the nowhereness ask me,
I don’t know where I am.
At times I plunge
to the bottom of the sea,
at times, rise up
like the Sun.

At times, the universe is pregnant by me,
at times I give birth to it.
The milestone in my life
is the nowhereness,
I don’t fit anywhere else.
This is me:
a rogue and a drunkard,
easy to spot
in the tavern of Lovers.
I am the one shouting hey ha.

They ask me why I don’t
behave myself.
I say, when you
reveal your true nature,
then I will act my age.

Last night, I saw Goodness getting drunk.
He growled and said,
I am a nuisance, a nuisance.
A hundred souls cried out, but
we are yours, we are yours, we are yours.
You are the light
that spoke to Moses and said
I am God, I am God, I am God.
I said Shams-e Tabrizi, who are you?
He said, I am you, I am you, I am you.