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puckety puckety puck

Due to new medication, I feel as though I’m pregnant & coming off of a two-day-long acid trip. For those who have neither been pregnant nor dropped acid, suffice it to say that this is, uh, unpleasant. V. calls this feeling “puck” — and boy do I feel pucky. I didn’t like the meeting I went to tonight, I don’t want to be productive, I brashly applied for an awesome job* I’ll probably be offered and don’t really want, B. is sick and will probably have to stay home tomorrow, I don’t feel like cooking dinner (but also can’t bring myself to waste money on take-out), I’ve eaten half a bag of cookies in less than 24 hours, and I’m out of bubble bath.

On the plus side, M.’s having us over for dinner tomorrow, and we have tentative plans to spend Thanksgiving dinner together at my place. I’m looking forward to the prospect of cooking a vegan feast for friends… it’s been so long since I’ve had a chance to spend a holiday with anyone who really cared about it (A. never quite did), and since I’m really beginning to love the space in which I live, I can’t wait to open it up to my best friend and her family.

*working 3/4 time in Chicago and 1/4 time in NYC

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