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coming of age

This is the most ridiculous thing, but I feel grown-up today. I have health, dental, and vision insurance that isn’t going to go away when the semester ends. I checked my 401(k) profit sharing balance the first time since I qualified (Oct. 1) and already have almost $1,000 there (yay, huge multinational corporation for which I work!). I received my first student loan payment bill in the mail. I bought real flatware and glasses over the weekend, along with a fancy can opener and a pizza cutter. I’ve been consistently and pre-emptively going grocery shopping, finally realizing the true advantages of buying food before I run out. I’m almost done with two essays I’ve been working on — just in time to submit them for the fall reading season & writing contests. I’m taking charge of my health. I stood up to A. in an argument last night. I’ve finished writing my conference proposal for February. I’m planning all these trips I’ve postponed for so long — Indy & Milwaukee for work; Texas to see my brother; New York City to, well, just because; Albuquerque for the annual conference where I see all my Deadhead friends; Europe with W. for spring break; Italy for a month next summer — and overall it’s amazing the ways in which the puzzle pieces of my life keep falling into place if I try to stop stressing so much over how they’ll ever fit together.

In celebration of my adulthood, I’m adopting three plants this evening, and I have high hopes that I will not kill them.