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eighteen, going on nineteen

I woke up today without any power, two hours later than I’d planned (uh, my alarm clock runs on electricity). That sucked, but I felt such a sense of relief that I hadn’t succumbed to my I’m going out drinking and I’m not even going to tell L. I’m thinking about it urges the night before, because if I’d gotten drunk, I would have been too tired (and possibly too hung over) to wake up naturally; I would have been late picking B. up for his birthday celebration (if I’d gotten there at all); and once I did arrive and drive downtown in a less-than-ideal state, I would have had a headache and been too crabby, tired, and insufferable to enjoy the festivities. And I would have done all of this on my son’s 5th birthday. I felt like I’d woken up being smacked in the face by gratitude itself.

That being said, I’m guessing non-dysfunctional people who wake up to no power don’t immediately wonder whether the electric company has finally caught up to their shifty pattern of non-payment under the guise of forgetfulness. [I’m happy to report that I’ve since learned ComEd that doesn’t disconnect for non-payment on Sundays…]