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2 things 4 sunday

As promised, I was asleep by midnight but also wide awake by 7:30am. Them’s the breaks, I suppose. It’s time for me to catch up on all the things I’ve been too stressed to contemplate for the past week, but I’ve got a couple of cultural recommendations for folks:

  • Watch I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With. If you have ComCast, it’s available via On Demand. If you don’t, it’s in the theatres now, and it’s funny enough to make you laugh, sweet enough to make you believe in the goodness of people, and honest enough to make you feel as though you’re watching a story about one of your neighbors or a friend or the random people you pass every day walking through the world.
  • Check out AgentXPQ, whose Tales of Mere Existence display an uncanny understanding of living in a postmodern world filled with both hope and confusion. I especially enjoyed I Have to Get Ready, Saturday, and Procrastination (remind you of someone?), but they are all good.

And if you’re free this evening, swing by The Hideout. I’ll be there with N. (and possibly Mr. Big) to see Rachel Ries at the CD release party for her latest album. Yay! A new week begins… well, now.