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every day’s a saturday

My headache is back — no thanks to the excessive screeching in this afternoon’s press opening of The Crucible at The Steppenwolf — and this evening marks the first time all week I’ve eaten more than a bagel for dinner. I’ve lost ten pounds in two weeks, and I woke up this morning with a huge zit (perfect, considering I had an eyebrow appointment). I’m tired and unmotivated and completely drained of any impetus to do anything but watch While You Were Out outtakes on TLC.

When N. asked me how I was doing today, what I came up with was completely spent and totally exhausted. And he pointed out that at least I am not lonely, depressed, desperate, angry, spiteful, or otherwise overwhelmed with negative energy. And he is right about that. It’s time for me to be kind to myself, starting with tonight: turning off my computer and watching a Netflix movie and falling asleep by midnight for the first time in many weeks. Of course I’m tired — and that’s a good sign.