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my heart has officially melted

It’s no secret that one of my favorite procrastination moves is reading through Missed Connections on Craigslist. It’s now 1:48am on a Friday morning, and I teach class beginning in seven hours and thirteen minutes, but it’s been DAYS since I’ve caught up on the ol’MCs, and this one struck me as incredibly sweet:

women should not buy their own flowers
m4w – 36

i was in line behind you on sunday and you had a full grocery cart with flowers on top. i took the flowers off your cart and bought them for you saying that women should never buy their own flowers. i wish i had said more but with friends around did not want to say more and have them make it a scene. hope you enjoyed the flowers and next time i will say hello. enjoy the rest of your week lady

Perhaps it’s my romantic streak, but can you imagine being the woman standing in line at at the grocery store who has that happen to her? Now maybe it’s just a guy trying to have sex with some woman he met at Dominicks, but I refuse to be cynical when I’m still in the afterglow of finding something that touched me. (No snarky comments about how pathetic it is to be sitting at home, now at 1:54am, reading CL ads in order to be touched. Fuck you.)