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the poor woman’s spa

…no thinking for a little while, let’s not try to figure out everything at once… (The National, “Fake Empire”)

Last night’s headache permeated my dreams, though they had all dissipated by the time I awoke at 5:30am and couldn’t get back to sleep. And the dull ache is still there, along with constant nausea, making me think that the stress in my life is finally taking root in my body. And I’ve decided to let a lot of it go, at least for today.

Yes, I am behind on my work, and I have papers to grade, and my house is a mess, and I need to go grocery shopping, and I haven’t done laundry for almost two weeks, and I’ve been up for five hours and still haven’t showered. Maybe I don’t think I can afford to spent my day lying on the couch in a robe watching movies and bad television shows, but at this point I can’t afford not to. Heck, I’d go to the spa if I weren’t overdrawn at the bank with only $19 cash and payday four days away. I’m trying to tell myself it’s the poor woman’s version of flying to Ojai for a massage and pedicure.