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oh no!

My routine at the spa is simple: shower, whirlpool, steam bath, sauna, read in the relaxation room; repeat once or twice; weigh myself; leave. During my time reading, I generally choose magazines I wouldn’t normally buy myself. Yesterday, this meant thumbing through Chicago magazine, a publication (I think) intended for folks whose incomes are several times my own and who either presently or aspire to live in Lake Forest. This, then, is where I heard the pronouncement that has been troubling me ever since: Lincoln Square, it seems, is the new Bucktown.

Why is this happening? Who thinks it is a good idea to take this perfect little neighborhood and turn it into a poster child for conspicuous consumption? Why can’t they pick a neighborhood that actually could USE some gentrification for their silly capitalist projects? Albany Park is a good choice, or maybe Edgewater (close to the lake, folks!) or Uptown. Leave my neighborhood alone, people!